How to protect wood?

By wood protection the use of special materials for long-term prevention or liquidation of biological attack of wood and wood-based materials is meant. It is a biocidal (fungicidal) protection against wood-decaying fungi, wood-destroying insects and wood-staining molud.

How to protect wooden windows and doors?
FUNGISTOP S1031 offers protection of wood against wood-colouring fungi, mould, insects and partially also against weather effects. FUNGISTOP uniquely combines the properties of the biocidal impregnation and the deep colourless penetration and wood reinforcement “2v1″. FUNGISTOP has wide application, the optimal choice is, for example, under synthetic and water-based coating systems to protect loaded stable elements (windows, doors, shutters, etc.).

How to protect wooden trusses and beams?
We recommend usage of concentrated water-based impregnants of LIGNOSTOP series, especially LIGNOSTOP PROFI V.  LIGNOSTOP PROFI is a highly concentrated impregnant for thorough and long-term preventive wood protection against wood-destroying fungi including dry rot, water-colouring fungi, mould and insect damage.) The protective substances are fixed after partial drying (approx. 2 hours) in the wood, and they are completely non leachable. This means that the treated wood can be exposed to rain during storage or installation, while the effectiveness of protective substances does not change. High spreading capacity, 1 litre of concentrate treats after dilution up to 50m2 of wood.

How to protect old beams, old wooden furniture that can be attacked by insects?
LIGNOSTOP SH V1045 is a highly effective concentrated alcoholic impregnant for protection of wood that has already been attacked by wood-destroying insects – liquidation of insects (all its developmental stages) and long-term prevention against wood-decaying fungi including dry rot, water-colouring fungi, mould and wood-destroying insects. LIGNOSTOP SH can be labelled 2v1 – liquidation and prevention. New liquidation effectiveness just paint or spray, injection is not required. The product can be diluted also by industrial alcohol (useful when using under primers).