How to paint a sheet metal roof or eaves?

Sheet metal roof and gutters (galvanized materials, steel, aluminium) as the most stressed part of the house requires great attention. In order for the paint to work well and in the long run, it is necessary to choose the appropriate paints and to take care of the paint and preparation before painting. It is important to choose paints according to the type of substrate. A separate theme is the coating of new galvanized or copper roofs, gutters, parapets, etc.
In the case of sheet metal roof coatings, it is important to have a high-quality construction and the roof slope. Usually, the roofs of the saddle and roof with a suitable gradient are painted. For flat roofs with a very low gradient, it is advisable to use special waterproofing layers.

Colour shade is at the customer’s choice, all materials are tinted as desired in more than 9000 hues.

Water-based one-layer paints are represented by AQUAREX V2115. The great advantage of AQUAREX is its wide use – for galvanized materials, aluminium, steel.

ZINOREX S2211 “2in1” is designed for surface treatment of tinsmith elements made of galvanized materials – even new, and roofs for common environment – combining quick-drying quality anticorrosive and simultaneously semi-matt top paint.

The one-layer semi-matt paint “2in1” AXAPUR U2218 is designed for high resistance of galvanized, titanium zinc or steel roofs.

High UV and weathering resistance is achieved by using a two-component polyurethane primer and top gloss paint AXAPUR PRIMER U2008 + AXAPUR U2074 or AXAPUR U2060