Which cleaner to choose?

There are several different product lines in the Cleaners group that have very different uses.

There are 3 products from a range of technical fluids that are mainly used for cleaning and degreasing tools, work equipment and surfaces before applying paints. It is TECHNICKÝ TOLUEN, BENZÍNOVÝ TECHNICKÝ ČISTIČ and TECHNICKÝ ACETON. As the name suggests, it is a technical application, so they are by no means suitable for thinning paints. TECHNICKÝ ACETON is used for cleaning, for example – washing out resin spots from wood or removing debris and dripping of e. g. acrylic or nitrocellulose paints from tiles or floors.

A completely specific product is ODSTRAŇOVAČ STARÝCH NÁTĚRŮ P07.cistic p07

ODSTRAŇOVAČ STARÝCH NÁTĚRŮ P07 is a modern gel remover with high efficiency and versatile use. Removes coatings based on water-based dispersions, oil, synthetic, nitrocellulose, two-component epoxy and polyurethane paints from metal, wood and concrete substrates.

Thanks to the gel consistency, P07 is very well applied and does not run even from vertical surfaces. P07 does not contain lye or acids, so it saves mainly metals, no corrosion.

cistic fasad v1920And for the cleaning of façades, masonry, stone and interlocking paving from biological contamination (algae, mosses, lichens, moulds) serves a special group of products ČISTIČ FASÁD v1920, its concentrated version ČISTIČ FASÁD V1923 and for strengthening subsequent prevention of new pollution OCHRANA FASÁD V1930.