What to use for painting the door frames?

Well-proven classic anticorrosive protection for steel is the primer SYNOREX PRIMER S2000 and then the top paint UNIVERZAL SU2013 (the widest shade range and choice of glossy or matt version).

The overall excellent resistance and faster drying and maturation of the paint is offered by PROFI OKNO S2082. When choosing a wide range of shades, PROFI EMAIL S2085 is available (basic menu and tinting option). The SYNOREX EXTRA S2003 is designed to provide anticorrosive protection.

The glossy version of AKRYLCOL LESK V2046 also has its irreplaceable position, complemented with the AQUAREX V2115 anticorrosive coating if necessary. AQUAREX V2115 can be used directly when matt paint is required.

Very high UV, weathering and mechanical damage resistance is generally ensured by the use of a two-component polyurethane primer and a top gloss paint AXAPUR PRIMER U2008 + AXAPUR U2074 or AXAPUR U2060.