What to use for painting radiators?

Old coatings must be degreased and sanded. The rust is removed with a wire brush and grinding cloth. Non adherent coatings are removed down to the metal. Radiators must be painted cold. Coating materials are best applied by radiator paint brush or by spray. We recommend to apply the paint in good weather, to ensure optimal maturation and the possibility of ventilation when using solvent paints.

First, we treat the areas cleaned up to the clean metal with anticorrosive primer such as SYNOREX EXTRA S2003. Due to excellent resistance and faster drying, we lean towards the alkydurethane (synthetic) PROFI RADIATOR S2222.

AQUACOL RADIATOR V 2077 provides a quick-drying, non-yellowing and environmentally friendly version of the surface finish of radiators and hot water pipes and fittings up to 100 °C.

Very high UV, weathering and mechanical damage resistance is generally ensured by the use of a two-component polyurethane primer and a top glossy paint AXAPUR PRIMER U2008 + AXAPUR U2074.