What to use for business road markings, car parks or playgrounds, etc.?

cz_s2819 silamat

SILAMAT S2819 is designed for horizontal marking of various corporate roads, parking lots, production halls, traffic playgrounds, concrete or asphalt surfaces. SILAMAT is based on the colours for horizontal marking of roads and therefore its use for marking concrete and asphalt surfaces is justified and long-term verified. SILAMAT creates a durable matt coating that allows normal walking loads after approx. 3 hours from the coating. SILAMAT is certified for slip resistance of floors and can be used for exterior and interior as well as for asphalt surfaces.


COLORLAK’s offer includes special colours for road markings such as S2867 SILAMAT ROAD, S2866 SILAMAT N.A. or S2893 SILAPLAST ROAD for thick layer marking. We recommend discussing this colour offer directly with our technician.