System solution of swimming pools with ceramic tiles

Pools are among the most demanding areas of use of ceramic tiles. Therefore, care must be taken to provide a professional solution that adapts to all possible loads.

Concrete tub with ceramic tiles

1. penetration

Apply penetration EKOPEN E0601 or PENETRACE S 2802A E0607 to clean tub made of waterproof concrete. Before applying the penetration, the concrete must have a residual moisture content of less than 4%.


2. isolation

Use waterproof putty EKOHYDROL V50 E4014. The hydraulically set insulation putty is applied in at least two layers. Every layer dries for 24 hours. It is advisable to moisten the surface of the pool tub before applying the first layer of insulation. Attention! Before commencing isolation, arrange with the pool technology suppliers in places and ways to incorporate details such as lights, nozzles, and more. For example, by applying the individual layers of the compositions and the ceramic coating, the lights may retreat deeper into the substrate.


3. Insulation by insulating tape

Between the first and second layers of the waterproofing layer, we put insulating tape in the corners.


4. installation of ceramic tiles

After curing of the last waterproofing layer, after about 24 hours, the bath is ready for laying ceramic tiles. Tiling is done with flexible adhesive EKOFIX PLUS E4005.


5. dilatation

Never forget to keep the expansion joints! Expansion joints need to be solved individually according to the project, generally, floor-to-wall expansion joint is essential. Another depends on the size and shape of the pool tub. A PES strand is placed on the cleaned dilatation joint treated with Primer NP (for better adhesion of silicone to the pavement) and then covered with neutral NSI silicone. The tub does not have to be dilated if the architect counts on it, but always make expansion joints in the ceramic tiles!


6. caulking
In principle, use an epoxy grout that is chemically resistant to disinfectants used in pool operation.


In case of epoxy grout contamination, use a special agent for cleaning CL 805 Epoxy. We use the CL 803 Pool for daily cleaning of the pool area or the pool.


8. finished pool











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