How to optically adjust the interior with shades?

Tiny, shady room – can be visually magnified with cold light shades (especially light blue), and the white ceiling gives the impression of spaciousness and airiness.

Larger rooms – we can optically shrink and soften them with walls in warm, darker or different colours, with large patterns and a combination of different materials and patterns.

A long room – we may shorten it by painting the most distant wall in a darker shade, or paint it with a warm colour that will bring it closer.

Short room – optically prolonged if we paint the back wall with light colour or place a mirror on it.

High ceiling – feels lower in warm colour and this effect becomes even stronger when the ceiling is painted in dark warm colour.

Low ceiling – visually enhanced by using bright colours – especially cold ones, the effect of which will be even higher if we paint walls and ceiling in the same bright colour or when using horizontal lines in the room.

1.    rule – colour contrast
colour contrast
blue versus orange
purple versus yellow
black versus yellow
black versus white
red versus white
blue versus white etc.

Optical effect of shades
With colours we can achieve a unique atmosphere and emphasize or suppress the actual size of the room.
The selection of warm colours seemingly reduces the actual size of the room and brings the elements in the room closer, while the cool colours seem to enlarge the room and the elements move away.

Tips for choosing shades according to the purpose for indoor use

Corridor or hallway – this room is chronically missing light. That’s why bright colours such as yellow, yellow-white, beige or white are welcome here.

Living room – can withstand even more intense shades of red or orange. But we must be careful that these intense colours do not prevail. The room’s atmosphere would then be uneasy. We turn down the vivid colours by calmer, pastel shades.

Kitchen – is an action room. However, beware: there is fire in this room (because there is a stove there), which does not tolerate other intense red tones (e. g. paving). The strong energy of the fire can be calmed down in yellow, without being excessively destroyed. This colour is optimistic, focused on creative abilities and mental work. Therefore, it can also be used in the dining room.

Bathroom – is a room where peace and relaxation prevail. Very welcoming are the soothing green and relaxing blue colours. Pastel blue, green or even yellow tiles, soaps or towels of stronger colours create a paradise of peace in the apartment.

Bedroom – rest room. That’s why green and blue should rule here. A bit of fire can be simulated by using several strong red accessories.