How to cleanse the façade from biological attack


façades and other mineral surfaces from biological attack (algae, moulds, mosses, fungi)


In non-sunlit and north-facing areas, moisture and water condensation often occur, causing the occurrence and growth of biological attack (algae, mosses, lichens and moulds). To remove this contamination from a variety of mineral surfaces ČISTIČ FASÁD V1920 or ČISTIČ FASÁD KONCENTRÁT V1923 is designed. OCHRANA FASÁD V1930 is used for preventive protection.











V1920, V1923 and V1930 is applied by brush, roller or spray at a temperature (ambient, substrate, cleaner) of +5 ° C to +25 ° C. Do not apply in rain, strong wind or high temperature.



Let ČISTIČ FASÁD V1920 (V1923) work for at least 48 hours, optimally 72 hours.
Less polluted areas can be washed after 24 hours – it is necessary to test under real conditions.

After a period of time, wash off any dirt from the surface with pressurized water. In the case of heavily soiled surfaces, repeat the procedure.




Before…                                                                                                         After…