How to apply paint by spray correctly

1. Read the instructions
Instructions on a can of spray can be useful. Take a moment to read it. You will learn the distance to keep between the spray and the coloured object. How long to shake the can before starting the work. The right temperature when applying paint, how long the paint dries and other useful information.

2. Apply smoothly, continuously
The spray is not a camera, so do not press the nozzle intermittently. To obtain a uniform layer of paint, spray the paint continuously horizontally or vertically onto the painted object. For example, if you apply the paint from left to right, it is a good idea to keep that direction throughout the subject.

3. Use a large wiping cloth
Don’t waste time lining the painted item with a newspaper, you can blow it away by the colour pressure. Instead, use a large plastic or cloth, as a pad and as a screen. In order to apply the paint continuously.

4. Place the painted item in a higher position
Do not place the painted item on the ground, but place it at a higher location. For example, a sawhorse, a workbench or hang it on a wire hook. When you paint an item lying on the floor, your back will be hunched. And secondly, you won’t be able to walk freely around the painted item, which will affect the quality of the coating.

5. Do not hold the spray directly with your hand
Instead of holding a spray can directly by hand, it is preferable to use a spray gun. With it, you can apply the paint more evenly and comfortably. Also, the paint is better directed.

6. Turn small objects
If possible, place the painted item on a piece of cardboard or plate or hang it on a hook. It will then be possible to turn the painted object continuously and apply the paint more evenly. There’s no risk of fingerprints in the paint.

7. Try how the spray works
Before applying paint on the final object, first try the spray on a piece of wood, metal or paper. You will find out how the paint is applied and how it looks and will be easier to apply solid layer on the painted object.

8. Wet paint layering
One technique that can help to improve the quality of the coating is to layer the wet paint. First, spray one layer of paint onto the entire object as a kind of substrate. But do not let it dry completely. Apply the final coat before drying. The two layers are joined together to form a solid and nice looking surface.
Attention: This cannot be done with all kinds of paints, some need the first paint layer to be dry. Therefore, it is better to try this procedure first with the paint available on some test sample.

9. Smooth surface
The layer of the paint is smooth and reflects light that highlights imperfections on the object surface. Various scratches, etc. Therefore, it is good to sandblast the surface first before starting painting. This will smooth out the tiny “cosmetic” defects and the coating will have smooth surface.

10. Pay attention to safety
Always wear a suitable respirator. Mere dust mask is insufficient. Work in a well ventilated room or outdoors.


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