How about furniture, decorations?

Opaque paints:
The popular nitrocellulose classic is used for wooden furniture and various wooden accessories and interior decorations. So the paint CELOX C2001 in the basic scale of 20 shades. Its advantage is very quick drying.

Favourite classic is the primer SYNTECOL PRIMER S2070 and then the top paint UNIVERZAL SU2013 (the widest shade range and choice of glossy or matt version), or semi-matt PROFI EMAIL S2085. When using FUNGISTOP S1031 biocidal impregnation it can also be used for outdoor or garden wooden furniture.

PROFI OLEJOVÁ LAZURA O1020 is ideal for the surface treatment of solid wood elements and wood permanently exposed to weathering, such as playgrounds or toys. The oils in this glazing protect the wood in depth and allow it to breathe freely and during the shrinking, nothing peels and so its maintenance and repair is the easiest.

The two-component polyurethane varnishes AXAPUR LESK U1010 or AXAPUR POLOMAT U1011 are designed for load-bearing and very durable wooden furniture areas, children’s furniture and toys, indoor sports equipment (in gloss and semi-matt).  

From the range of our offer we select AQUALAK V1419 and especially its very resistant polyurethane variant suitable also on floors and stairs, PROFI PARKET V1509. We offer both varnishes in gloss, semi-matt and matt.

Classic quick-drying nitro-varnishes are designed for new furniture and repair of old furniture. So sandable ZÁKLADNÍ LAK C1036 and then CELOLESK C1037 or CELOMAT C1038.