COLORLAK façade paints and their differences

COLORLAK façade paints are designed to provide a comprehensive solution for façade finishes in acrylic, silicone and silicate finishes. Façade paints excel with excellent covering power, processability, adhesion, washability and water vapour permeability. The paints are suitable for application to all types of common substrates, from brizolit, plaster to masonry, to new buildings, to the renovation of older buildings and to historic and refurbished buildings. The colors are tinted in hundreds of shades in the COLORLAK Tinting System.

Choosing the right type of façade paintfasada_barva_001_m

Acrylic paints (dispersion) are characterized by their excellent flexibility, fast drying, high opacity and adhesion, affordability. They generally have a slightly lower vapour permeability than silicone or silicate paints. The resulting coating is even, matt to semi-matt. They are suitable for all types of common surfaces. We offer a smooth finish FASAX E0201 a FASÁDA V2012 or a fine-grained variant EKOFAS JZ E0203.

Silicone paints are a modern type of façade paint that includes a combination of acrylic and silicone binders. They are highly durable, highly vapour-permeable, but at the same time impermeable to water (rain). It perfectly protects the façade from rain and contamination and is also suitable for renovation plasters. It is used in new and historical buildings. Silicone façade paints are currently the most widely used. In our offer it is FASIKON E0208.

Silicate paints are based on a special mineral binder (similarity to the mineral substrate gives the painted surfaces a natural look). In particular, these paints are used to restore historical and listed buildings where their high abrasion and soiling resistance and especially excellent vapour permeability are applied. Tinting can only be done with inorganic pigments – a special COLORPROGRAM SILIKÁT. It is FASAX SILIKÁT E0207.t-e0207″>FASAX SILIKÁT E0207.